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  1. I agree! I am the proud owner of all of ms ashwells lovely books and i never tire of looking at them,every page is a delight and an inspiration,I especially like "the gift of giving" which inspires us to put a bit more thought into gift giving by using lovely vintage trimmings and so on to make gifts extra special,they are all available on amazon,I would advise anybody to treat themselves to a Rachel Ashwell book,it will be a great investment!

  2. LOVE Rachel Ashwell and LOVE her books too…they're wonderful just to stare at. My dream home is much more shabby chic than my reality, but I sneak in bits and pieces where I can. I totally agree Alison; she's so cool and living and she's the real deal!!

  3. I also agree Alison. Think it is the first article that I have actually seen wires and a tv! Have all her books and just adore them. Read them over and over. I must admit though I have a pug, but she is black and she is not allowed on the lounge suite!

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