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  1. I quite agree, lovely.. I do like a man to sound like he's gargled with gravel! Even men with the most ermmm… "challenging" of faces to be can be the best thing since sliced bread when they have a voice that makes you come over all unnecessary!
    Here's to all gorgeous voiced men!

  2. Yum!! He's like this soul searching beautiful thing at your back steps! Love his music! He reminds me of a male Norah Jones. Simply Yummy music! Thanks Alison!

  3. I like his music too. Alison will you listen to one of my songs? A friend of mine was going through a difficult time last year and he said he heard something in this song that struck a chord with him. It might do the same for you, I don't know. The song is called "Nothing New" and is on my website – Another nice one is, "A little piece of heaven", it's different style and more uplifting. I hope you enjoy them.

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