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  1. Here Here and Yes Please. I had to call to the supermarket last night for some essentials and could not believe the tat that men were happy to hand over their hard earned cash for, over-priced bouquets that were frankly hideous, teddies holding I Love You hearts. Ack! Madness! Well put Alison, I am sitting down to a lovely meal with my hubby and daughter, I hope your evening is cosy and lovely too!
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  2. After I started loading the little tiger in a jar video, I had fallen asleep with my boy last night while reading him a story. Well, having fallen asleep hours too soon, I woke hours early this morning, still dark outside & with this little tune piped in from my office. I was a little freaked out at first by the demented happy tune then remembered what it could have been! What a darling vid. My mom used to sing this song to us when we were little. Totally cute. Thanks for bringing such fun to my attention, and for givin me a nighttime start!

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