By Alison June 29, 2017 1 Min Read

I haven’t got much to say today, because I am VERY BUSY reading magazines.
Oh yes. I have discovered Readly, the Netflix of magazines and now there is no going back. Laundry will be left to muster and the frizz that is my hair, left to do it’s very own thing.
For here is an app that gives me access to over 1500 magazines on my tablet, computer and Kindle Fire. Magazines like Molly Makes and Yoga Journal. With back issues. And (oh joy!) the ability to save snippets from the magazines you read in a dedicated library.
It is £7.99 a month. £7.99! For five devices. And each member of the family can have their own profile and honestly I feel rather besides myself and completely unable to explain the wonderfulness of having a whole world of wonderfully scrumptious reading matter right here in my hands.
You know the drill me darlings: if I love it you have to love it too. So hop over here and start your free trial and don’t blame me if your whole house goes to rack and ruin…
You are welcome.

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