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  1. Love, love, LOVE the new decor (from the merest hint seen!) and the cream tree!!! You have such a good eye, cheapo or not (and good deal by the way, tho I'm afraid I'd prob rate the tree higher than the tv, but then I'm a bit stupid like that…), it looks fab! I've never seen a cream christmas tree anyway – where did you find that???!! Adorable. Also adorable is the tin Rudolph, and pound shop indeed! Anyone might think you could make a living styling homes and such……!!! Have a fantastic Christmas, with much love to you, Richard and Finley for a very very happy new year too. xxx

  2. Your tree looks twinkly and beautiful, I am full of envy as we've yet to get our tree (what with the snow and flu striking down the manly tree-carrying elements of the lazy h menage).
    Thank you for all your posts on BrocanteHome this year, I have enjoyed reading them all. I hope you and Finley and Richard and your lovely family all have a very merry Christmas and that 2011 is a wonderful year for you. x

  3. I had to pop over because I have a huge reindeer collection and everything I own seems to be vintage. You did not disappoint. There are certain times when the real tree isn't going to be the best choice. We are having that year also. In fact I have an awful turquoise blue tinsel tree I doubt I can bring myself to decorate.
    Have a very merry Christmas.
    ps- often I feel we stay together because it is less hassle than the effort it would take to divide up the stuff.

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