Reverend and The Makers.

By Alison August 20, 2007 3 Comments 0 Min Read

Oh I know. This is so totally off topic it’s not funny but it’s my blog and I will sing if I want to.

Especially to really rather fabulous songs like this: if only because the  sorry tale it tells is just a bit too close for comfort, and the video has a musical stage performance quality I just adore.
Cant’ get enough of it.


  1. farmlife4014 says:

    That guy looks like a vampire! EWWW!
    The difference my dear, between you and the girl in the song is that you actually are very special…it's old what's his name who was plebian.
    Now quit listening to sad music and go find something that makes you smile!
    God bless.

  2. Alison, I LOVE this song! I have never heard it before but everytime I come and visit your blog I hit the little arrow to listen!
    Heather xo

  3. KristiYaYa says:

    OK, it's official I'M OLD, I couldn't get through it! LOL~

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