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  1. If we are using it it for post "cussing" sessions then I suspect that I shall need just s smidgen more than is in that bottle, having on a lunchtime shopping dash had to cope with the employee who is obviously not in possession of the company neurone today (in with anger… out with love…)… how about the size of a wine box…. that'd do…. easy to dispense to… although not as aesthetically pleasing… actually it looks rather like lancome's miracle…

  2. Ohhh, how lovely! I love the scent of roses so much. Much rather have this lovely bottle on my bathroom shelf than the yucky 'shows the bacteria in the sink' stuff that Carl is currently so fascinated with!

  3. OOh how lovely! but a tad expensive for gargling and spitting out! could we not check out the ingredients and try a home made effort? or am I being mean?

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