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  1. Hey now … I for one think TV is much maligned … The world is an amazing place and television has opened up every little nook and cranny for us to see. I don't watch a huge amount of tele ~ I love Desperate Housewives; The Apprentice and occasionally I'll sit down to Antiques Roadshow. Dare I admit that I am managing to keep up with DOOL and B&B too? I'm tired of people apologising for their use of TV as entertainment and those who act all noble about the evils of television. Alison … go right ahead and enjoy your little addiction. Have fun!

  2. We have pay tv and I love it for all the home improvemant shows, and I can watch Martha and any number of great docos. I must admit though, I can't abide by "reality" tv. I have no interest in watching any of those shows at all. But I looove quiz shows! I like to prove my superior knowledge of utter trivia to all in my household LOL.

  3. I do believe Alison was directing that last comment at her little sister.
    I'm not ashamed. I do buy Heat. Call it an escape (no matter how bad things get at least Im not Victoria Beckham..)But I don't have satellite TV Alison, so let's call it 1-1…

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