Saturday Fom Hell.


I am not a happy chicken. The flu is knocking my little family for a six, Finley is a mini monster with a cough, Mark is working till God knows when and I am dying from the kind of period pain you only get when you’ve been really, really wicked. 

Today I am not even going to try to be a good housewife. Today I am hibernating in front of a cosy film (Mrs Miniver), with scraggy hair, toys everywhere and laundry coming out my ears. Even saints are sinners sometimes.

This is, I think you will agree, a day that calls for comfort food, and in my world that means:

Brocante Rarebit.

100g Grated Mature Cheddar.

2 tbsp Sweet Onion Relish.

1 tsp Grainy French Mustard.

2 tbsp Skimmed Milk.

1 tsp Butter

2 Slices Thick Granary Bread.

Toast the granary bread on one side only, then mix all other ingredients together to a paste and spread on the untoasted side of the granary.

Toast, serve with sliced tomato, watercress and black pepper et voila! scrummilicious cheese on toast, perfect for miserable mommies.

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