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  1. I haven't watched any of the HP flicks, either. Or read the books. I'm sadly out of touch with modern culture, as a matter of fact.
    I always observe the New Year with a reading of Tennyson's In Memoriam, which the comment system won't let me paste in here. Naughty livefyre!

    1. Oooh heck, I am so sorry you have such troubles with Livefyre, I will try to address it in the New Year. As for being out of touch with modern culture, well yes: meet your mate! I am usually stubbornly resistant to all that the rest of the world fall in love with!
      Off to hunt down In Memoriam…x @Brunette

      1. Oh, I forgot to mention, the specific part you want to search for is "Ring Out Wild Bells". It's part of his much longer 'In Memoriam'. I wish I could link it. >.< @Brocantehome

  2. Happy New Year Allison. Having to go gluten free in my baking now produces Hillary-Tenzing-reaches-top-of-Mt. Everest feelings when I pull off gluten-free Yorkshire Puddings and Plum Puddings and terrible depression over things like Springerle that don't taste quite right. I am ever hopeful though. I am going to try a batch with arrowroot flout instead of rice flour before next Christmas baking season.
    I vowed to not watch another HP movie when I read the Deathly Hallows and Hedwig died. I hate it when authors or movie makers kill the dog/cat/horse/owl. Not another dime of my money does she get. M. Night Shyamalan lost me like that over 'Signs." So Richard made a turgooducken. That's a lot of meat. Did he wrestle the respective birds inside each other himself or are they available in the market all ready for the oven?

    1. Happy New Year Linda… oh how I sympathise with your gluten free escapades: it's a constant battle, but like you say when you do finally create something delicious you feel like doing a happy dance! I really like Glutafin flour and though there is occasionally a papery texture we are probably not used to, it serves me well in most recipes… though why I bother I don't know, Finley hasn't got even a hint of a sweet tooth and thanks me rather blandly for everything I present to him with an insane grin of my own delight!
      And as for the four bird thingamy it was bought ready to cook thank heavens and I had mine sliced really thin so I didn't suffer a meat overload…x

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