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  1. There is just nothing that says 'English Summer' like a school fete is there?? Great photos – and gosh, Finley DOES suddenly look so grown up and TALL!!! (or was he on a particularly small donkey??).
    And…. I am drooling at the look of that VERY authentic looking gluten free burger in a soft, dreamy looking bun……. the sort of burger I have craved since being unable to eat wheat or gluten too (and the sort that still eludes me, no matter how hard I try – what is it with gluten free buns/breeze blocks???). How considerate and clever of the bbq-ing dads?!!! Where can I get me one of them???!!!! x

    1. Nope, not a diddy donkey, all of a sudden he's tall, tis astonishing and scary…
      Now then presuming its a gluten free burger you want and not a bbq-ing Dad, I do believe I can help you because twas me who provided the ingredients and the Dad's who did a fine job of bbqing it while avoiding the ever present horror of cross contamination…
      K, so it was an Asda "Taste the Best" range burger, (which is currently the only one I can find gluten free at the moment) and a brand new type of bun from the lovely people at Glutafin who will send you a sample if you say pretty please.
      The buns are the best we've found so far, and go almost soft when warmed, and aren't quite as flaky and yukky as most, so with a big squirt of Heinz tomato sauce, Finn's a happy chicken.

      1. Thank you so much for the info! (Ok, I will admit, I already have a bbq-ing Dad, so was really after the food!). I will be scouring Asda when next there, and shall be looking on t'internet tout suite for Glutafin then! Fab. Yep, burgers are indeed rubbish at being gluten free – even really expensive high meat content organic jobs from the butcher……. I guess I COULD make my own, but hey ho…..
        Tell you what tho, Marks and Spencer happen to do the BEST sausages, in scrummy flavours, that just so happen to be gluten free by sheer good fortune (read the labels just in case they change since I found them tho. They're not sold as gluten free, but ingredients particularly lists it uses a gluten free crumb in the mix!). I can particularly recommend the Beef and Tewksbury mustard variety, which BBQ to perfection and everyone enjoyed. Such a relief when you find something delicious AND gluten free! Good old M&S. xx

  2. Finley is an absolute doll!!! His face looked super cool with that bat.
    Our school fairs are in the evenings in the school gymnasium. My son was looking at these pics with me and said he wanted donkeys at his fair. lol
    Looks like you guys had a wonderful time and there is certainly something to be said for seeing a mateless ex, isn't there? lol

    1. Donkeys in the gym is a spell for disaster isn't it?? Lovely as they are, they simply aren't the most fragrant of animals…
      And yep finn is a doll but doesn't he just know it?!?x

  3. Wow but Finley has grown! he looks like a real big boy as opposed to the little baba we are used to seeing here! glad you had nice weather for the fete,last year it poured down for Lucys and it was held indoors,pandemonium!

  4. Oh honey! That last photograph is the sweetest, most adorable one of your baba that I've seen thus far! Complete and utter satisfaction with life! What a joy to behold! And yes, he is growing, isn't he?
    P.S. Please check your email!

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