Because it is brand new. Because he makes me beam. Because we’ve both been a little by blown away  by it. Because he has got twinkly green eyes and a funny accent. And children he adores.   Because he is silly. Because he  likes dancing on the beach. Because he goes so well with my drapes. Looks comfortable sitting on my sofa. Because he lives a million miles away and being together means moving too many mountains. Because he likes red wine. Because he tells me secrets and reads BrocanteHome religiously. Because I feel like I’m tempting fate just talking about it…

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  1. You have been quite mysterious about this man. From the snippets you do tell, he sounds scrumptious! Enjoy each moment. Mountains can be moved, you know. Take heart.

  2. Just wanted to tell you my mum moved from Switzerland to Bermuda, taking my little sister with her, to marry the man of her dreams. And they are all as happy as larry!

  3. If it is meant to be……
    I met my Feller online 9 years ago. It took us 6 years to stop being long distance lovers. (Lots of airline flights!) I waited until my daughter was ready for college and then I moved. The heart knows no time clock or miles…….it only knows what keeps it beating.
    And I mean, c'mon….a guy who matches the drapes is darn hard to find! You better keep him!

  4. After a long absence from visiting , (more and more life has a way of limiting my browsing time) I checked in hoping something good was happening for you. Oh look … all kinds of wonderful!!! Whether fleeting or forever (and who'd know with your cryptic snippets ~ ???) nothing like twinkly green eyes and a funny accent (what accent?) to bring sunshine back to your life, eh.
    All the very best to you Ali.

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