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  1. Guess what I would like for a Christmas present in, say, 2009? The Brocante Home book! A daybook like Simple Abundance, divided by seasons, months and days. Every day, your thoughts about the joy of having a home and taking care of it, thoughts to help us feel grateful, thoughts to give us courage when life is hard, etc. Suggestions of scrumptious things to do and how to do it. A schedule for the year and for each season and special holidays (like your Christmas calendar). Your recipes. Even pictures of your place (it looks charming!). I would love a book like that, a book for people like me, who feel that homemaking is a boring waste of time. And you know what? You can do it. You have almost everything you need in your blog archives. Sounds interesting?

  2. Alison, I personally have gained so much from your blog too and look on house work now as not so much of a chore, but as making my house a home that is pretty for my family. I am even off to find the lavendar oil to mix with the vinegar today. You have truly touched so many people.

  3. Write on, write on Alison you are a bright spot in cyberspace and although I read other blogs some more earnest and searching than yours – you are more real than any of them !!

  4. 'There is an honesty in the pages of that scrapbook that cannot exist in a blog.' Alison, I think it's just fine that you don't 'reveal all' to us in your blogs. I think we all need to keep something of ourselves to ourselves. Your honesty is amazing, however, and what you do reveal of yourself lets us know that we are all pretty much the same at heart – we all just want to be loved (by ourselves as well as others) and appreciated, and to find and revel in the joy we know is possible in our lives. So thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with us – don't feel bad about not revealing all.

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