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  1. Wow, some great links! The invisible mother is just eerie and quiet odd, especially in the images where she literally is just covered with no attempts to disguise her as a backdrop. Love the video, I wish I could be brave enough to attempt to live like this, the yearning is definitely in there somewhere. I have been using the oil cleansing method for a few years on and off after coming across the same link and it is wonderful, it is only my laziness on getting hold of castor oil and rushing in the shower that prevents me using it everyday. It really does make a huge difference though, especially to my over oily skin. (BTW, the health retreat link is linking to the scary rug ladies too!)
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  2. I'd be down for candlelight, and even cooking over a fire, but with four small children I GOTTA HAVE MY WASHER.

  3. I've been doing the oil cleansing method and I really like it! I was going to try buying some fancy oil cleanser like Josie Maran, but tried the DIY method first and I'm glad I did. A book I'm sure you've seen, but maybe not… Babushka's Beauty Secrets. I think you would love it!
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  4. Having lived a year with the Amish, I can tell you that there's really nothing simple about having no electricity. It requires a great deal of effort and pre-planning, even for very mundane tasks. While you do get used to it after a while, the first few times of having to find matches to light a kerosene lamp to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night really made me wonder what I'd gotten myself into.
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