Seasonal Frenzy.

By Alison September 18, 2007 5 Comments 1 Min Read


I am in a positive frenzy of cleaning. Turning my house upside down in search of errant dust bunnies and crawling around  on my hands and knees in pursuit of all manner of grubbiness taking refuge behind my furniture. Doesn’t sound fun but it is. If I had one I’d wear a turban and a wrapover pinny and go into ecstacy over my spotlessly clean laundry room.

Should you feel the urge to join me, download the order of works from the planner section and lets get busy…

The time is nigh.


  1. cd&m says:

    Erm not sure that I would find it fun but guess I should go ahead and join you.

  2. Melissa in Georgia says:

    You are a woman after my own heart…fall cleaning is more fun than spring! I wish we could be friends in person! 🙂

  3. Ali says:

    Its not "fun" as I define it, but it is satisfying. I did mine yesterday and I'm feeling excessively smug about it.
    Ali x

  4. Amber says:

    I tagged you again, sweetie! So GO!

  5. Is this the best blog I have see in ages??? I think SO!
    Thank you for the lovely chance to "think" and "dream" and "enjoy." WONDERFUL IN SO MANY WAYS! Mary Lou

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