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  1. Where did you get your copy of the said book?? I can never get it at Borders. What day of the month does this come out??? And what day for our beloved Marthas Living??

  2. I like the cupcake cover also.
    I've bought the same magazine even with the same cover. I guess I just forgot I already had it.
    I have voted for the Mary Engelbreit cover many times and never picked the one they used yet.

  3. I'd like to ask the same thing – where do you get hold of it, when does it come out and also if you know what day for Living I'd be grateful. I've tried to order it at the local newsagents but that was way before christmas and they still haven't got it. I'm with you on the front cover, the red one looks much for cosy and conforting in this weather.

  4. Hmmm….that is weird. I know that here in the US, they often use one cover on the East Coast & another on the West Coast, but I don't know why they would distribute both to the UK.
    For the record, I like the cupcakes better too, though I got the other one on my cover.

  5. I have been doing that on a regular basis.
    Why is it that I never learn?
    I also bought the new Home Companion, brought it home, read it from cover to cover and then brought in the mail only to realize that I am a subscriber.

  6. I can't say that I mind it. What's the wronge in doing so? Both are very nice and appealing to look at and if the contents are the same, what's the problem?

  7. Oh, I do that, too. I have done it so many times with Country Sampler, and then my Mom double buys it for me. I have had three if not four copies of Autumn magazines because I'm nutty about fall. I even buy duplicates with the SAME cover sometimes. grrrrr…. and then it's time to take out the lace or rickrack and tie one up and give it brand new to someone who has not read your post! haha.. I used to buy books by an author who did the same only worse, republished the same book under different names. Shame on her! That was deliberately cheating. I think this it to determine marketability of the cover shot, too. Have fun!

  8. I had to buy two Radio Times' the other month because we needed (the boys words) both the cyberman and dalek cover. I have to say, I'd rather have had the red velvet cupcakes. Is the recipe inside?

  9. I've bought the same magazine before as well….. even with the same cover! 🙂
    For the record, I like the cupcake cover better too, though the other one is what I received with my subscription.

  10. Oh, bad luck! Can you swap with somebody who has a multiple of something else? (I'd offer, but it seems like madness to pay international postage for magazines!)

  11. Country Home magazine does the same thing. My friend bought me a subscription so I just get what I get in the mail! Thanks for the heads up though! I like the Cupcakes too! Mmm, Chocolate!

  12. I agree, terrible trick to their readers. I subscribe so luckily I didn't buy 2. But they sent me the one with the room on the front and I adore cupcakes. And those cupcakes would be calorie free!

  13. That's ironic. You like the American version of Country Living magazine and I travel 45 minutes to get to a large book store in order to buy the British version of Country Living! LOL

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