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  1. This is why god invented garden hoses. And soap. And bleach (for all those formerly white surfaces). And hard alcohol, to relax you after a particularly jarring cleaning experience…

  2. Well I guess it means he really enjoyed the casserole. Reminds me of my youngest, except he waited until the dog jumped on the chair next to him and then fed him the casserole.

  3. Dont you just love it ? Havent we all experienced that. Save these pics for his 21st Birthday..they should go down a treat !!!

  4. My little darlings don't even wait for me to leave the room! They do that while I'm right there with them! Finley is just too adorable–even with curry all over him you could just scoop him up and hug him to pieces. You are truly blessed!

  5. My little cousin really is a monster but a very cute one. The real question is did he actually eat any of the casserole? lol

  6. Ha i remember the days
    and the mess
    and know what one day you will miss that mess,I once gave mine an easter egg and said go for it,the pics were hilarious.I llove your site and looking at the sidebar books etc
    i collect vintage ornaments aND ADORE POLKA DOTS too

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