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  1. It was just this spirit that infused my grandmother to come home from the hospital after losing her beloved husband, my grandfather, after 53 years of marriage… she immediately grabbed the vacuum sweeper and set about shining and waxing the furniture, dusting his leather chair, and scrubbing the kitchen floor. I at sixteen was angry with her, thinking she was trying to show off her home… but she was trying to maintain…. how sad it took me 35 years to figure that one out. Talk about thick skulled! Thanks for a sober but beautiful and deep post.

  2. So well put! I know that do this very thing myself, usually subconsciously. I had a very unstable home growing up. The daily rites of cleaning, cooking, and being prepared to care for my family and defend them from the elements, bring a calm to my soul. It is almost like working some secret spell or magic, and although I logicaly realize that I can't stop death or disaster, I feel as if this daily expression of faith is my duty and my priviledge.

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