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  1. Oh, the memories! I worked the cotton candy booth at my daughter's school once. It was hard and hot and sweaty and sticky………and delicious! I had a "hair net" of fine pink spun sugar…my clothes were glued to my body and I was the sweetest gal alive! Thanks for the memories!

  2. Kerry! You're a "DELIGHT" GOOD FOR YOU getting out there and trying that! & Thanks for sharing that sweeeeeet story…and lucky me;) I can actually see you doing this! I sure do miss you! Your boys are very lucky to have you as their mamma! Speaking of this very sugary treat..I've had an incurable craving for the fluffy floss lately and buy the pre-packaged bags of it for eating while watching television at night! No lie! I think I really am part "ant" all of the sugar I crave lately! xoxoxo

  3. That was a yummy description… And the first time I'd ever heard cotton candy called Fairy Floss…. oh, my…. I always loved it, but now! I'm totally enchanted…. nomenclature semantics is my WORLD! Thanks for the cool description and the truths… Trying new things is so vital to our passion for life.

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