Silly Season.

By Alison December 4, 2005 1 Comment 1 Min Read


I’m sorry. I am trying to be a good BrocanteHome blogger, but the silly season has landed and I just can’t concentrate for the effort it takes to makes things as splendidly, deliciously festive as I see in my dreams.

I need help. A house husband would be useful to do all the rubbishy jobs I don’t fancy doing myself. Like putting boxes in the loft, washing the skirting boards, or licking the floor clean

Lager, it seems, is the only answer.

Carling, Mark?

1 Comment

  1. Maureen says:

    Oh Alison ! What a crack up !!! I nearly died laughing at the Lager ad. It really appealed to my sense of humour. I cant wait to try the Earl Grey Cookies…they are very posh indeed. Thanks once again for making me laugh. You are such a tonic !

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