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    1. And if that wouldn't bring a smile to my face then nothing would… but it did and now I'm wandering around singing. Job done! Thank you darling.x
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  1. Soooo . . . do you ever pop on over to Paris on a whim? Or points even nearer? Want to come make a little visit? I'll be there in just a few days . . . it's a girlfriend trip . . . just thinking . . . it could be good for what ails you . . . 🙂

  2. Isn't it interesting how these phases wax and wane, throughout the years? I haven't found you on-line much lately, and I am scouring the internet for inspiration to finally finish Spring cleaning (I started out well, but lost steam)—and likely, once I am burned out (again) by the internet, you'll be back with a vengeance, lol!!! We're never in the groove at the same time~must be the time difference! Hugs,

  3. Oh Alison-if you only knew how my heart is completely in sync with yours today. I so hope tomorrow brings you some peace-and some smiles.

  4. I'm a bad housekeeper. I hardly ever wear an apron, and I have three hanging in the kitchen right now. I've got a LOAD of things to do today, two hours to do them in before my darling Paul comes home and what am I doing? Reading your ever-so-delightful (even when they're sad…) entries. Alison, you make my day! And my housekeeping is SO MUCH NICER when thoughts of you drift up from the back of my mind, bestirring themselves and me into a much better place.
    Now I can back to work. Yay! I feel SO much better, and I was feeling pretty good to begin with. You're a peach, and I mean that with raspberries and whipped cream!
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