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  1. Alison, I follow you on Twitter and this post was amazing. A lesson on loss in many areas. Thank you.Pam

  2. I had to do it by clearing everything of him from the house it was now my home, my haven and my pleasant much needed peaceful environment.He was expunged. I thought at first I would die and tried to beautify the place, as you, assuming he was sure to return to our nest with so much history attached to the bricks and mortar. Coming to terms with the man I had been with for 32 years and him walking out on our Silver Wedding Anniversary beyond painful and in truth still a shock, but yes Alison we are strong and we do cope. 10 years on I would not have him in a gift but my home is oh so important to me. A balm to my senses.

  3. I love the blogging world for this very reason,because here we strip ourselves naked and know beyond doubt that other women are nodding their heads in agreement and sending up a silent prayer in the name of sisterhood.Alison you are truly an inspiration,early on in my blogging life I hijacked a phrase from you 'to keep on keeping on'I have used this as my mantra so many times,I too love Dominique Brownings writing and I am excited beyond belief that she has a blog! I will peruse it at my leisure later on and 'slow love' sounds like my latest must have!

  4. I've read some of her writing (read the divorce one twice) and loved it. Will definitely look for this one too…and thanks for the link to her blog. Good stuff.

  5. You are such a gifted writer, Alison.Although I am still married to my high school sweetheart, my marriage could be considered a failure in some areas.We aren't close, at all…I mourn not his physical absence but our growing apart emotionally.I have given up hope for us, but we are raising 3 children, so…there's reason to be happy.You do give me hope that some day I'll find the love I long for…I'd love to read Around The House And Garden.So,by the way, when is your book coming out? 🙂

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