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  1. Too adorable. My 14 and 15 yr old boys use my lavender water for their Navy Sea Cadets uniforms–I'm surprised none of those macho military guys have said anything!

  2. Ah priceless!
    At least he "noticed" the fragrance, even if he was prompted. My BF does not wear cologne, he rarely notices mine, does not have a keen sense of smell at all. However, he did question my spritz of winter vanilla linen spray the other day when I begged him into helping me change the bed sheets. It takes me forever to do the king size bed by myself. As I spritzed, he looked at me and asked, "WHAT is that and WHY?!" I told him it always gets done, he is just never around. He just sort of shrugged like "whatever". He has definitely been a bachelor too long…..

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