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  1. ok. This is serious!!! I do understnd the worries about the highway and the roads and about loved ones falling, but I guess I put them in the same place that others put worries about swimming or boating and airplanes and things that terrify me. That out of the way, some of my very best memories include snow… going outside one afternoon and finding that my dad had built me a huge ice house igloo that he, I, and our collie could easily go into. I was mesmerized and I loved it in there… very sad day when it all melted about three weeks later because I had come to love that home in the snow… and the time he and I were in an old 47 chevy pickup with a pointy nose and we had to back up over and over and over and ram the snowdrifts to get in our quarter mile driveway… It was fabulous…. But no, you don't need counseling. Each of us lovely humans is entitled to our special "loves" and our special "shudders." And you are entitled to yours… I'll love snow enough for both of us. G….

  2. Hi..I have just found your website..and I just love it. I hope that you can get over your fear of snow..your worries are rational..but should not affect your daily life so. I am quite fearful of some things…and with my children I push myself to conquer them so they will not grow up with the same fears as me. So my advice to you..if you are able to ..I would just jump out in the snow and play with your little one…if he enjoys the snow you may start associating such happiness and excitement with it. I hope…I am not a professional..but sometimes we get stuck in our beliefs and just never venture out to see if things can be different. I do wish you well.

  3. I think it's a May sister thing Sweetie – your fear of snow is just as irrational as mine of baked beans…
    Though a food product is undeniably easier to avoid than the elements.
    Send in the therapists – the May girls are losing the plot..!!

  4. This is my favorite type of weather. Well,truly,except for tornadic activity, I love all kinds of weather as each has its own beauty.
    There is really nothing like a lovely blanket of snow. It quiets the sounds of cars and trucks and all sorts of machinery. It frosts each and every branch of the barren trees giving a beautiful black and white silhouette. (Oak trees are the most lovely as they are very intricate.)
    After a romp in the yard making snow sculptures and snow angels or sledding at the park we come inside where it is warm. The children put our mittens to dry on the stove in the basement. They put on dry, fluffy socks and warm fleece tops and get our blankets ready. Meanwhile, I make hot chocolate capped with marshmallows to drink, and cinnamon toast strips and toasted cheese sandwiches cut into triangles to nosh. We all snuggle up on the couch with a whole pile of warmed blankets, pop in a movie and revel in the relief of being out of the cold. There is really nothing like it for accentuating the hominess of our little home.

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