Ah Snuggle Pie

By Alison October 1, 2015 No Comments 1 Min Read

Ah..Snuggle into blanket bliss

Ah Snuggle Pie! That delicious feeling of being utterly enclosed by cosy arms and warm blankets – is there anything more heavenly? Yes… add a plate of sliced fig and crumbly cheese, or a bowl of treacle pudding and scalding hot custard, a new magazine, a glass of good Cabernet Sauvingnon  and a pack of cards, and  you have yourself a perfect Autumn evening.
It starts with the blankets. It starts with piles of quilts, Granny blankets, fleecy wraps and oversized pashminas. It starts with opening your blanket box or airing cupboard and holding an inspection of what you have got and then checking whether they need laundering, patching or re-purposing for Summer forts and bedroom tents.
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