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  1. Oh, Alison. I know! I have hardly begun either. Next week, and then it will be insane!
    Today, I am sitting beside my poor sweet husband who has had eye surgery this morning. I won't let him out of my sight, so I am forced into a quiet, warm, cuddly sort of loveliness while he sleeps beside the fire that I've made to keep him warm, in virtual silence, so he can sleep.
    'm about to put a chicken in the oven, tidy a bit {as quietly as possible}, and then I get to sit beside the fire with him and open a book. I have The Shuttle by Frances Hodgson Burnett sitting here, and have been trying to find an opportunity to enjoy it. What a funny way to have a lovely evening forced upon us!
    Wishing you a beautiful and blessed Christmas Season! I hope you find all the bestest things! And snowflakes! I wish you snowflakes!

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