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  1. Just to make you feel better Alison, I have a Billy Bookcase !! Only because it was plain and white and had deep shelves and the only one I could afford at the time. By the way, flatpack is a very dirty word in our house…..lolol…..the few times we have had to assemble one it turned very ugly and nearly ended in a divorce !!!! Good Luck ! lolol

  2. Hum, there is no Ikea near me but my daughter has found one in Atlanta. Horrors! Actually, it is a good thing. She has found some wonderful, CHEAP bargains for her college condo. She sent me pics and it looks good, even to my "grandma" eye…me, the one who lives for pink roses, doilies, and old teapots! I am afraid my daughter and I are light years apart in taste. I like old ruffly girly-girl stuff and she, like my guy, lives for sleek and modern and funky. But we manage to get along….somehow.
    BTW, I love the bed too! Of course, I would have it filled with cabbage rose pillows and crocheted spreads!
    p.s. I am adding to the theme on my blog that I got from Peggy and simple sparrow…."where do you blog?"
    You should do that too, Alison….let us have a peek. 🙂

  3. Actually after looking forever I finally found a girly computer desk that I actually consider beautiful. It is a white one that goes by the name of Johan. I love the curves and with the right accessories is very girly.

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