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By Alison December 27, 2004 1 Comment 1 Min Read


Mark and I open our Christmas presents to each other late on Christmas Eve. This year after arranging the multitude of presents Finley received from Father Christmas, we collapsed onto the sofa at midnight, and presented our gifts to each other. My pile was tiny. A box of wine gums from Finley and two other book sized  gifts. Trying not to look disappointed I opened my first gift, and to my delight found a (hard to find) Mary Englebreit Desk Calender. Mark was beaming at me, apparently delighted with himself for finding such a treasure. Well? he said. Well, Thank You, I replied. You haven’t looked inside have you? he said, kneeling on the floor next to my chair. So I did.

There inside, from January through to March, was a collection of business cards for various florists and jewellers in the area.  In April’s section, there was a card showing a little boy wearing a top hat holding a little girls hand, in May, a picture of the eiffel Tower, and there in July, a card with the words "Marry Me…" scrawled inside.

For once in my life I was struck dumb.

We have been together for fourteen years and for one reason or another have never got round to walking down the aisle, but since I had Finley it has come to matter more and more and I had been praying for these little words…

So yes.

Yes, Mark, I would be thrilled to be your wife…

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  1. tea4wendy says:

    That is the most romantic proposal I have ever heard! Obviously he KNOWS you. All your favorite things wrapped in the most appropriate package. Blessings on a wonderful marriage!

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