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  1. Feeling very American here but what is a companion set and what does it have to do with gas fires? Loved this article. Speculate to accumulate will always be in my head now. And I live by those words that I am not really lost!
    Thank you once again.

      1. Oh, thank you, I was about to ask the same thing. I guess we’d call them fireplace sets? I’ve got one but I never thought about it having a name.
        Now that I’m older and wiser (well, 40) I’m also going for quality. I have fewer shoes but they actually work as shoes instead of torture devices…

      2. Thank you. Never would have guessed! I thought it was an item that people would want to purchase if they bought something else. I am going to call my fireplace set (which has never had a real name as far as I know) a companion set from now on. I’m doing well. Just got back from a lovely vacation in New York, but that means it will be a time before I go to England, my favorite, for a while.

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