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  1. Oh. I need to mix in more puttery treats instead of all of the detritus of teenagers…video games, large skate shoes, towels on the floor and pizza boxes. I think I might start by painting my broom.

  2. Oh Alison! you have made my day! I particularly like number 19 "pour your heart out in a letter you will never send" how utterly lovely! Thank you so much.xx

  3. Great post!
    I noticed the links for the morning and evening housekeeping routines seems to be broken – any way of reposting those?

  4. Oh, how lovely! You've done it again. I wish I weren't going away for the weekend so that I can get started! I love the idea of pretty baskets in my car. Hmm…what does a vintage housekeeper's car look like?

  5. Great ideas, I really have to try some of them. How about cooking a lovely large pan of fresh vegetable soup ???
    You can see a picture of the pan I made this afternoon on my site !!
    Have a great day !!

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