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  1. Alison, I feel the same way. We have had such a mild winter, such as I have never seen before[ and I've seen many]. Today it is snowing like it hasn't all winter long and the snowdrops I had in my back yard just 2 days ago are buried under about 4 inches of snow. How depressing! I was just about to "springify" my house, it was on my agenda for today. I don't feel at all in the mood now. I guess it'll have to wait. I love to barefoot my way around in the warm spring days, too. Surely those days can't be too far off. Amanda

  2. There's nothing like walking outside barefoot to squish your toes in the warm earth and velvety new grass, sipping a cup of tea and listening to the joyous riot of song birds making merry. I've got a male cardinal singing his love song in the backyard, and it makes me forget burdensome adult worries and remember what spring means to creatures innocent of care.
    And that's a Good Thing. 🙂
    I'm off to give myself a celebratory pedi while I can still reach my toes.

  3. Do not dread the 40! It brings confidence and clarity and once it was done I had a strong sense that the worst had happened and everything was still tickety-boo. Embrace it with love, cake and lots of champagne!

  4. You see,you are dreading 40 I am wishing I could have it back as I hurtle towards 50! I too long for springtime,I have the whole range of sparkly flip flops lined up waiting! 🙂

  5. Spring is coming and we will all survive. I so wish I was Seasonal Scrubbing but I think I'll just have to make-do with keeping a vague household routine this year. Having a baby will do that to you. Must survive until spring.
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  6. I have the big 30 this year, I know you're probably thinking – '30 pah that's nothing', but I remember being a bright young 20something just out of university thinking my buyer (I was a buying assistant) was WAAAAYY too old to go to see The Killers (she was 32). And now dammit I'm on my way to being just 'too old' to do all the fun things I love!
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  7. Autumn is coming here in New Zealand, so I'm looking forward to the gorgeous leaves and cosy soups. You do make spring sound very appealing though x

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