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  1. Anthea’s perfect housewife book is available to pre-order on and due to be published in March. Why do I watch her programme? It’s house-porn of the worst kind, but I love knowing that someone else has a dirtier house than I do.

  2. Ooh I know, some old furniture can really pong! I found a lovely little cupboard at our local scrapyard – despite scrubbing it and airing it, it still reeked of germoline!!!

  3. We have a big old Japanese kimono cabinet that was pretty smelly–someone told us to put some bars of Fels Naphtha soap in it, and I must say that worked quite well, though the soap itself smells a bit too strong, in my essential-oils-only opinion. Not sure if you can get FN in the UK–it's hard enough to find in the US. But I like your recommendation anyway, Alison!

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