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  1. Yay, good for you! I was so happy to see there was a new post, but am happy that you don't feel you need to be a slave to posting. We all love hearing from you on Brocante Home, but definitely understand that you've also got to live your life! I hope you and Finn have fun these last weeks and hope your end of summer is filled with Magic.
    New Mexico

  2. yEA! I am so glad you are back even if it is once in a while. My mornings just weren't the same without reading your blog. Your writing is so refreshing as well as your outlook on this wonderful life and all that it brings. Have fun with Finley – give him an extra hug from me.
    Woodbury, CT

  3. Thank you for the reminder to appreciate the other wonders of life rather than spend our time on the computer. Enjoy your time with Finley!

  4. you are so right, but I'm sure glad you aren't gone for a long time. I would sure miss reading your posts. My kids are home for another week and then my son will have been home for nearly 10 weeks, that's a real long time. He wants to go to school again. I can't blame him. It's better to have some kind of schedule, especiallly when you have an autistic disorder ; )

  5. amen…you could not have said it better. The days I forget to make time to get online are often the kinda days I used to have before all this internet fuss and they are simple and lovely…so lovely sometimes that I just can't wait to get online and blog about it 🙂

  6. Well said! And that just after I have spent a night unable to sleep thinking up all sorts of delicious things to blog. Of course, midnight thoughts are not always the most well thought out thoughts – in the light of day. Now, to shower and spend the day with my children. Blessings… -Polly

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