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  1. Come to think of it; the amber tint of hotel mirrors is the only time I love my reflection. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t show all my flaws.
    I’m totally liberated and free from the conventional life that I normally lead when I’m well hidden behind a “Please do not disturb sign”. Expectations and responsibilities vanish for a moment in time in a secluded room knowing quite well that probably the chances of being discovered are rare. In the secrecy and solitude of this room we can be lost in a world of our own dreams and make love endlessly.
    Oh Alison, you touched a nerve in me. I long so much to have that secret get away with my Paramour {in the make believe sense} really my husband and act like we are nineteen all over again.
    Commuting is a destroyer of intimacy. I love my children dearly but I think one needs time to rejuvenate. I believe that this is what everyone needs on occasion, to ultimately be in their own. After all we are not only wives, mothers and housekeepers but also the girl of our sweetheart’s dreams.

  2. I like hotels very much. I have been in quite a lot all over the years and I think, each time I go to one, I like it the same way I did 18 years ago, the first time I went to one with my husband, when we married.

  3. I love hotel rooms as well, for many of the same reasons.
    You've awakened my secret plan hatching side. My husband's birthday is in November. I see a hotel room in our future!

  4. I read "A Necklace of Kisses" by Francesca Lia Block. Weetzie Bat is now a forty year old woman and her kids are grown up. She is having trouble with her lover and goes to stay in a hotel to figure things out. Very magical, very beautiful. I think you would love this book.

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