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  1. you sound perfectly normal Alison, I’m so glad that someone else apart from me has a son who twirls himself around too. btw hi to Paul 🙂

  2. just getting a teeny bit tired of reading about your social life. It would be nice if you got back to what this blog was originally about i.e. vintage housekeeping and all that entails. It’s starting to read like a second rate Mills and Boom here lately

  3. Just read lurker’s comment. I suppose I’d agree that Alison has strayed from her usual helpful hints around the homestead but isn’t life around any homestead also about the people who live in it? Social lives are to be celebrated! I say to Lurker “who cares what she writes about? Its her bloody blog and if you don’t like it anymore then no one is holding a can of spray polish to your head! Don’t read it anymore if you don’t like it!!”

  4. I don’t know what’s normal anymore. Is it what I deem normal? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure that most would deem me not normal; therefore, my opinion may be null & void. But just in case, Paul seems nice and Lurker does not. =) Blessings… Polly

  5. So…. as much as I have enjoyed your blog in the past, I am not the type that appreciates the sex talk. Heather, in her attempt to shore up Alison’s right to sharing her sex life, (which indeed is a right that she has) rather rudely jumped all over Lurker, and doubtless will jump all over me, too, but Lurker has a valid opinion, whether or not Heather or anyone else likes it. I assume that is the reason that Alison has a feedback option, and hopefully thick skin.
    Just an observation, there are far fewer positive comments on this posting than usual, by the time this many days have passed.
    I love your writing Alison, and I love to read of the trials and travails of your daily life, I have felt like friends, but I am going to have to do as Heather says, “… and if you don’t like it anymore then no one is holding a can of spray polish to your head! Don’t read it anymore if you don’t like it!!”
    I am pretty certain though, that the reader count, and resulting advertising fees, is how Alison makes her living. Her Mother isn’t the only one that is disappointed in her. So sorry, Alison. It was fun.

  6. Debbi, I hope you still visit this site. Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought the Screaming Multiple Orgasm that Alison was referring to is the name of an alcoholic beverage, not sex talk. I understand what Lurker is saying as well. However, the day I found this site is the day that Alison first posted about her hubby leaving, so I am obviously hooked on Alison’s writing, whether it be housekeeping notes and advice, or sharing her life in any aspect she chooses to share. Her writing is so damned good it’s like a novel you can’t put down. If I have any criticism, it is only my selfish wish that she posts more often. I check this site every morning in hopes of more stories she wants to share.
    All of us have opinions that should matter and no one should be afraid to express them here. If people didn’t care about this blog, there would be no comments.

  7. Alison, Don't let the turkeys get you down! Maybe it is not a term known in other countries, but here in Australia 'the sex thing' others are referring about is actually a drink! Your title in your blog states: Life, Love and Housekeeping, not just housekeeping. Maybe the Martha Stewarts blog is an option for those who only want to read about that. Do not stop blogging as I know I speak for many that love your 'Carrie Bradshaw' style stories. I look for your new posts every day and the only reason I have not commented sooner is I have been interstate. Don't let a man go that can make a good soup!

  8. I'm pretty sure the Screaming Multiple Orgasms are drinks as they're referred to in the same context as the other drinks consumed. What right do any of us have to judge? Why announce the fact that you're not going to read anymore? Just stop reading if you don't like it. But good heavens let's stop the bashing! Alison, I think you're great…painfully honest at times but that's what makes you great! Wanted to de-lurk to say so!

  9. congratulations that the “guy you used to adore as a teenager” is actually getting promoted to first name staus..ha.
    good luck

  10. The banner reads – Life Love and Vintage Housekeeping – the passive aggressiveness in the comments here is just nasty and petty. I think some people need a long ladder to get over themselves.
    Love your honesty and candour Alison.

  11. Google it – the first 5 links are some variation of this:
    Multiple Screaming Orgasm
    1 part cointreau
    2 parts baileys
    1 part vodka
    1 part amaretto
    1 part coffee liqeur
    2 parts coconut milk
    ice (preferably crushed)
    Instructions: give it a good mix
    The gutterbrains owe you an apology.
    It’s been a while, but I’ve said it before – I LOVE reading your posts, I check every day to see if you’ve felt like updating. Housekeeping, life, I love it all, don’t stop.
    Things are crummy right now, I know, but there are so many people out here rooting for your happiness. And we’re here because of your goodness, your talent for writing, and gift of sharing. I have no idea why anyone would want to write something negative and ugly like they have here – it’s very selfish of them. Take care of yourself, we’ll wait if you need to regroup. We’ll be happy with anything you choose to share.

  12. I know I’m weighing in late on this, but I just want you to know that I enjoy *all* of your writing. And man, that drink sounds good–I’ve never had one (ahem!).

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