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    1. Thank you Darling, I am driving again and hoping to get out to see you for coffee once things have settled down?x

  1. I just checked out the school's Web site and I think Finn's new school sounds absolutely wonderful.
    Last year was our big school change — we changed to a school that our gut told us was a much better fit for our daughter — and a year later we still shake our heads at what an improvement, across the board, it is.
    Small classes and a family environment; the children there are happy and care for one another, which sounds a whole lot like what you're headed to.
    Best of luck to Finn and to you; I know how gut-wrenching these anticipatory days are.

    1. Oh this comment means so much to me… thank you- I needed the hand of a Mommy who has been there and done that, and there you are… thank you again.x

  2. The school sounds wonderful! We are in the process of moving 158 miles away so my littlies will be moving schools too. So I know that stomach churning hope that all will end well. I am sure it will for the both of us! x

    1. And if it isn't we just look again right? Nothing is set in stone where are babies are concerned… We are all going to be just fine!x

  3. It all sounds very wonderful to me! well done you! How i wish I could find a nicer school for Lucy,who so far aged 12 has not had one happy day at school.I am desperate to hear about the meditation,pretty please post soon! xx

    1. I'm hoping to grab a full couple of writing hours before the week is out and will make thw wonders of TM a priority… as for Lucy that is just so sad… and hell it must be hard for you to see…x

  4. I read the school's website and it sounds marvelous for Finn. I know he'll blossom there. A child needs what he needs! Yes, you've done the right thing!
    My 'baby' begins graduate school tomorrow and because she was born with quadriplegia I'm going hide in the library on my computer, until she decides when it's practical for attendants to come help her. A tiny chance to return to mummyhood!
    Best of luck tomorrow,

  5. Amazing school!! i bet kids from there are polite well rounded adults. Wish there was something like that for my kids. I just have to rely on bringing them up properly and pray that they mix with the right people xx

  6. I applaud your decision to try to find a school that is right for your son. Change is hard, but change is good.
    My 26-year-old son just took TM classes and is suggesting I do the same. Seeing the positive changes in him, I'm definitely interested.

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