Sunny Days.

By Alison July 5, 2006 30 Comments 2 Min Read


If you are wondering where the heck I have got to in the past few days,  I will  tell you: three days ago the sun came a knocking on my front door  and we’ve been playing out ever since…

Lordy but it’s hot! We English just aren’t  used to it.  My silly little town  sprang a water leak on Saturday and up until   yesterday morning there was but a trickle in the taps. We stop each other in the street, and say "Oh isn’t it awful? How are you supposed to get anything done in this weather?", then we laugh at ourselves and say "Shouldn’t moan!", when quite plainly we are all too willing to have a minor hissy fit about cranky kids, and piles of ironing gone unpressed and our total inability to do anything other than close our eyes and worry about whether our babba is going to squirt us with that pig ugly water gun affair his misguided paternal Grandad bought him…

I am having a juice day. Glass after glass of blended blueberries, and mangoes and pineapple, with heart shaped ice cubes and a flourescent pink cocktail umbrella. It is a day for silliness, for water fights, and table top barbeques. For chatting to the neighbours over our garden walls and keeping the baby plastered in sun lotion. For eating strawberries and homemade chantilly cream, for catching up on my reading while Finley buries my plum painted toes in his sandpit.

For all of these things. And most of all for not dwelling on the fact that Mark has finally come clean and told me that he will be moving in with a woman he met in work any day soon.

Though it breaks my heart to say it, she is, of course, welcome to him.


  1. June says:

    Despite the town's water mishap and the heat, it sounds like you're thoroughly enjoying summer. As for the other thing, we won't dwell on it either but you know our hearts and encouraging hugs are always here for you.

  2. Barbara says:

    I echo the words above. Love your web site.

  3. Ann-Marie says:

    treble welcome with bells on it

  4. Kristy says:

    At least now the truth is out you are free to write the next chapter!Know what you mean about the weather -sorching!

  5. Meredith says:

    Alison, I admire you more than you'll ever know. Finley can be proud of you, and he's a lucky boy to have you for a mommy. People can talk about trying to live in the moment and find the small joys in life, but you are actually doing it. Bravo.

  6. PinkPoppies says:

    Alison: Have long read your wonderful blog and enjoyed it much. I am sorry about the way your life has turned in that it caused you pain. But after that dark night, there is a new dawn and a new day to make the way you want. Betrayal is awful, and yet the strength you have found within to cope and create a safe haven for your child is brilliant and will never be taken away again. Finley may be burying your toes, but you have strong feet and you can stand on them, and you will. Together with heart and hands and feet, create the life you want for yourself and your darling son. Best, Pink

  7. Sarah says:

    Keep your head up lady, she more than likely will be a moose – I bet you can see where the horns were attached. If he cannot see that you are worth 4 times as much as anyone else he will ever meet then he is hopelessly misguided. Have fun in the sun with Finley, and tonight when I get home from work I shall have a large gin and tonic in your honour to toast your new life ahead, in fact I think everyone that reads your blog should do the same! Take care lady!

  8. Hester says:

    Ho hum. Such is life I think – what a horrid discovery, but I am so glad you are feeling strong and happy and have pretty painted toe nails, a definite sign of looking to the future!

  9. Susan says:

    Did it ever occur to this stupid, stupid woman that if he does that to you and his child, he may very well do it to her?????? Men are SO thick.

  10. Kim says:

    Oh, your days just sound like summer in a package…just what they are supposed to be…Ahhhh. And, of course, life goes on while the sun shines & the sand calls…the latest news is rough, but I can see that you are living your new life beautifully, with strength and a lovely outlook, as you always do.

  11. Shelley says:

    Alison: Stay beautiful and strong, and enjoy summer with your little prince. Much love goes to you both!

  12. Kelly says:

    I am a constant reader but never comment-I have been around since the beginning and laughed with you, prayed for you durning Finn's sickness and lately have cried with you over this grim chapter in your life…I love what Kristy wrote …it's time for the next chapter…and I bet it will be even better that all the earlier ones combined! There is a very unlady like saying that really sums all this up… shall
    I say it and still be a lady? Oh hells bells I do believe this calls for unlady like.."Shit rolls down hill my dear"…if I was the new woman I do believe I would get out of the way….

  13. Gena King says:

    Mark is a bounder and a cad.And that is putting it politely,whereas you Alison are a champ!Be strong! and yes this heat has got us all in a fluster,you must tell me how to make chantilly cream.xx

  14. Claudette says:

    If this Mark episode goes the way that they do go, according to the law of karma, going around comes around, comeuppance etc. then never forget that fortune favours the brave. I am no mystic peg, but believe he will tire of this Vicky Pollard/Marilyn Manson/Jabba the Hut looky-likey and try to come snivelling back to your mini-utopia. BUT, the rub is, you will be firmly ensconced in the arms of Dermot Mulroney (insert your own beefcake)who will worship you for the glorious being you are.You will only notice Mark as you trip over him (remember he is crawling on hands and knees) as you skip into the sunset with your true soulmate. Cliche I know, but this happened for a reason, the agony, the emptiness, the despair. Your trophy for such anguish will be the man that completes you. Believe me he is out there wondering when he will find you. Alison, AD ASTRA!

  15. Amy says:

    ooooh what a rotten scoundrel, I have to wonder why he didn't front up about the real reason first. I know it hurts but you are way too good for him. Chin up and lots of hugs from me. Show him what you are made of!

  16. Danielle says:

    Oh Alison, I so badly want to let rip with derogatory expletives! But you have been so dignified about this whole sordid episode, so I will try to do the same. But my goodness I am seething…. I knew it, I knew it! Just promise us this, no matter what happens with this woman, no matter how soon their proposterous fling fizzles out, you must hold your head high and never accept second best! One day he will beg you to take him back and will be far too happy in your scrumptious new life to even take his call! You're great.

  17. laney says:

    ~~~ joy cometh in the morning~~~and morning always comes~~~blessings

  18. Kelly says:

    Hello there! I stumbled onto your site with happiness, such a wickedly fun "home" you have! It seems that you have tons of support & love……be blessed, full of giggles & access to fabulous chocolate!!
    Kelly in Indiana…USA

  19. Di says:

    Blessings to you, may each day be filled with an abundunce of joy and love!

  20. OohLahLaura says:

    As we say in Texas….
    Well that piece of hogshit! He should be strung up by his loins and dried in the sun near a fire ant mound. (Actually, LADIES do not say this, but I've heard it from a number of women of questionable origins in the nearby trailerpark)
    Heavens! You might just want to delete that…I'm a bit ashamed for having posted it. Delete at your will.
    Why oh WHY must men take the sneaky route? It's just not necessary…so hurtful to all involved. Thank you THANK YOU, Alison, for being a beacon of dignity and grace in the face of such sordid nastiness. Your son will later look back on this and love you more. Your (and Fin's) humanity will be expanded and dumb M will just flounder and rot in his own yuckiness. How tacky and sad of him. How tragic he couldn't have been more for your AND Finley's sake.
    You are a goddess….you give the rest of us hope.
    Here's wishing you strong-flowing water in your taps, lovely, dew-filled morning, sweet treat-filled picnics, and a handsome hunk-a love in your future when you're ready. You seem the sort of gal a man would fight to the death for.
    You should NOW prepare an outfit for when your stupid soon to be ex-husband comes a-crawlin' back. The "Thank You, but NO" outfit.
    P.S. The extra kick for the 'crawl back'….keep a dish in the freezer of his favorite longing….plum pudding, chicken parmesan, whatever his favorite is…..when you see his loathsome transport in the drive, or know he's coming to get Finley, it should always be popped in the oven and filling the house with the scent of food he will never again be allowed to consume.

  21. OohLahLaura says:

    EEEEK! Upon further reading of the comments, I realized I might have overstepped my bounds. You Brittish women seem to behave with a modicum of decorum that we rarely see here in my world.
    Do I get a bit of leniency at least for being from Texas? I have to walk around with a gun all day for fear of wild hogs, poisonous snakes, panthers, and coyotes. I might have lost a bit of my tact. And ladylike fanciness. I surely do look at yall's responses with earnest admiration and more than a hint of jealousy. I'm afraid tact would fall on deaf ears around here.
    I'm learning…..keep up the grace. I aspire to it.

  22. Petah Hatcher says:

    Alison, I am not very good with words, but all I can say is that you are a stronger woman that me and do not deserve this. You are an inspiration to so many of us and the way you have faced this whole situation with dignity is very inspirational. Take care and hope that water comes back on soon. I can do without most things, but not a hot shower!

  23. kali says:

    Dear Ali ~ Your days sound scrumptious and wonderful and oh so perfect…You and your little babba have each other and a whole new chapter is just beginning.
    At least now that he has finally come clean, you are able to move forward knowing.
    We are all holding your hand and cheering you on…Better days are coming !
    Keep smiling Gorgeous !!! xoxo

  24. Susana says:

    Aye,Aye,Aye! I too am not very graceful in my thoughts and words at times. The things I was thinking when I read about Mark!!! Boy oh boy! You certainly are being graceful about it, and why not? He's the one that did a very tacky and ungraceful thing, not you. May you continue to have many more sunny days ahead. Love, Susana

  25. Nancy says:

    Dear, Sweet Ali,
    I did not want to be the one to voice my suspicion of this all along. But, his actions rang of the same actions my ex demonstrated. He did indeed leave me for a cow older than myself. He is now living with that choice as she is a hateful shrew, controls him, makes him miserable and he cannot leave her as she is battling breast cancer. Meanwhile, I am with my DH in a fine home, lots of wonderful travel, security, financial freedom, and a man who is loyal and faithful to me. As you said, the best revenge is living well. Does my ex want me back? Of course he does! He tells our daughter all the time what a mistake he made. But…it is too little, too late. He did me a great favor when he left us. With time, you may see that, indeed, your life is better as well. {{HUGS}} We love you!

  26. Claudette says:

    If not Dermot Mulroney (my all time fave! Hubba, hubba, hubba), what about Kiefer Sutherland, the divine Johnny Depp or Owen Wilson? Whatever your choice, remember there is that beautiful man out there waiting to find you. Time is the healer, another cliche, but true.
    Tempas fugit, Alison! Claudette

  27. laura says:

    Dear Alison,
    I'm sorry to hear about Mark's betrayal and just blown away by your grace, charm, courage and compassion. I can only hope that I can learn to face life's troubles with even one jot of your style and dignity. You really are an inspiration,
    with much much love

  28. Kether says:

    You are a class act. I am thinking of you and Finley and hoping that a whole new world is now open to the two of you.

  29. Alison, am glad that you're doing so well and refusing to eat burnt toast! As for M, it's his loss. No doubt he'll eventually realise his mistake, but by that time, it is hoped you will have met a better match and won't give him the time of day! 🙂 Stay strong.

  30. Cindy says:

    Dear Allison,
    Like someone said earlier: it's HIS loss, not yours…who needs men like this ey? Good riddens! NEXT!! My thoughts are with you dear. God bless!

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