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  1. Well thank you for tagging me miss Alison. I love a challenge … but I'm afraid my post may turn out even longer than yours !!! Do I have a time limit??? Tomorrow … ok?
    Oh … and you'll never get over your fear of being pregnant … or is it fear of the birth. For me, I was always so terrified of the birth … the first time for fear of the unknown … the next two times for fear of the KNOWN!!!

  2. I've already done it, sweetie! Oh and I LOVE your selection of books. I bought She's come undone when I was in New York but still to read it, spooky. Oh and Lady's Maid is just fab. I've been trying to get a hold of the autobiography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning by Margaret Forster for ages, must get back on the case!

  3. one of the best meme answers I have read! and I agree with the rich gypsy – you never get over the fear of pregnancy. I remember me second, being in labour and thinking what the hell am I doing back here? by then it was too late. and now I have ms*louisa – still went back again and ms*sophie is resident on the earth. go for it Alison – I am sure your vintage housekeepers will still be here – get some of us to 'hold fort' for you when you need to take time off.

  4. The bit about being pregnant struck such a chord with me. I could have written it word for word, just substitute 'mirror mirror' for 'BrocanteHome'…

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