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  1. Hi Alison! I wanted to let you know that I adore your blog and want to thank you for your wonderful way of making my life a little brighter. I hope you get all of your concerns resolved but in the meantime I am glad that you are happy (c:
    I was wondering if you have a chance would you please email me? I am not a lunatic I swear – if you want to see the "real" me I am a volunteer writer at the Homemaking Cottage and my little bio can be found here:
    Have a great evening!

  2. Wow! What an emotional rollercoaster ride you've had these past few days,I'm just so glad your okay. But more than anything i'm glad your happy.
    P.S. That cinnamon milk and shortbread sounds real good.

  3. Glad to hear you are happy and that you seem to have a positive direction.
    I too have been cleaning and unfortunately I just can't do everything…including blogging. But I'm addicted to it I think because I'm up at 11:52 and posting a comment on your blog; I enjoy reading it very much.
    I must admit that now I' getting consumed in cleaning and decorating for Christmas. Maybe I'll post some pics and I'll ask you your opinion on my door decoration. I'm trying to recreate a similar effect as the store in Ohio you showed on your blog; only its for a house and it has a white door..
    Annabelle ~^..^~ xo

  4. Alison, I think it's time you didn't allow Mark into any of your life except for his vists with your son. He is now old news and his reappearing time to time when the new girl is treating him poorly shouldn't be tolerated. If, as you keep saying, there is a new man in your life then there truly is no place for the ex. He is taking advantage of the feelings you still have for him and you should not fall into that tangled web. Revel in the new man, he may be part of your future. Mark is now the past and should remain there. Don't waste (yes it is a waste) your precious time going over and over the past – it is done and can't be undone. Let it rest, lock it away in a pretty little box and put it in the back closet. And forget it. And here's a tip I painfully learned after my 18 year marriage ended – always keep a part of yourself to yourself – if that makes sense. Don't assume anything will last forever and always be able to take care of yourself. Rely mainly on you. 'Cause in the end, that is who will be there for you. Time to move on and dance to your own songs — life is so very short. My best, Alyssa P.S. There are soooooo many great things out there, just relax with life and enjoy what comes your way. And men are only a small part of our lives.

  5. So Mark has discovered the grass is not that much greener? hmm..shame…NOT!
    Good for you Alson, you are moving on nicely, and a new beaux? wow! happy days ahead xx

  6. *Warning: Blunt opinion ahead.
    I don't know your whole story, so please do excuse me as I give a quite straightforward opinion coming from what I have read.
    If you are divorced for his adultery, then I believe, as Alyssa said, do NOT let Mark back into your life but for the parental role.
    If a man cheats on you, you have the right to divorce him for this reason. You don't have to, but, if you choose this course, then the union between you and him dies. Completely. Severed. Dead. It must be excruciating. However, it is *real*. One must act as much. One must not be digging up a corpse.
    Keeping in line with the above: Do not provide him "safe" harbor. After such a divorce, do not teach him that any exclusive refuge possibly exists in you or your home. There is nothing safe about doing this.
    It sounds as if he is using you and then spitting you out at whim, with your permission. How dare you allow him to use you and (by extension) your son this way. What kind of example is this? He is not a MAN. He cannot set the example of one.
    Don't let him think that he can entertain options which involve you. Don't entertain dead options yourself. Stop supporting his own rotting life. Again, …digging up corpses will destroy you and your family.
    In LOVE,

  7. Sorry, *correction* needed in my post! A phrase came out sounding different than I intended, so here goes…
    Second paragraph of my post should begin:
    "If you have divorced him for his adultery…"

  8. Hi Alison. I have been reading your blog for a month now and this post has made me want to leave a way overdue comment. I have been in the situation you are now in and finally after 35 years of waiting for my husband to be a husband I said enough was enough and filed for divorce. After the divorce he realized that what we had was good. Too late for me, I moved on. Now I hear he is in a new realationship and back to his old ways. My life is peaceful now and I have a good relationship with each of my children. Why I gave him 35 years of chances, I don't know. I guess I was not ready to give up. Follow your heart and be true to yourself Alison. That is the best advice I can give you.
    P.S. I love, love, love your blog.

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