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  1. I loved this post! I will have been blogging 4 years in November and I’ve learnt so much since I started but there’s always something new to learn.
    It’s so true about comments, I remember the first couple of posts you receive 1 or 2 comments and you’re jumping for joy, then 10’s and 20’s start arriving but when you don’t get as many you’re feeling despondent and then suddenly something in your life happens and you realise you’re reading but not able to comment and you appreciate other people are in the same boat.
    I remember a period of not receiving as many comments but the post on the loss of my nan received more than ever, or when I’d announce my birthday and you realise you’d rather have that heart felt comment than the one just to say “oh that’s a nice cup and saucer you brought today”… hmmm anyway this comment seems to be rambling so I’m going to end it there!
    Can’t wait to hear more about blogging from you – the person I’m sure many like me know is the inspiration for their own journies!
    Victoria xxx

  2. Just the timely re-adjustment of perspective I needed now. I can get a bit irritated with numbered lists but you do it so well. Thank you for the sage advice.

  3. I think this is the best I’ve read on blogging. Honest and encouraging. Your site is one of the first I began to read and then to follow and I have NEVER been disappointed or bored with you my dear! Thank you, emphatically, for sharing with your readers, encouraging other bloggers, and bringing so many scrumptious things to my life!

  4. Allison, your blog is one of the first one I ever read and I am really glad you can earn your living with it. I blog a little but have never tried to earn money with it and don’t plan to, My blog is mostly a way to make online friends and a sort of diary for me.
    I live in the same state as PW, she is a great blogger, but is not exactly what she seems, her husbands family is one of the richest families in this state, she is not just some little housewife with a camera struggling out in the middle of the prairie. her story really is about the rich getting richer.

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