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  1. Oh my lovely Alison, as much fun as it is getting married, as much as you get a sparkle shiver up your spine getting to say 'bride' in relation to yourself, there is a certain amount of stress, if that is the right word, that goes along with it. In other words, what you are feeling is so normal! Just be kind to yourself, and thank your lucky stars you are not having meltdowns about teaspoons (well the silly man should not have sent them back! ahem!) or wedding lingerie (I was convinced, convinced, utterly convinced that someone has stolen my precious pants of steel from our washing line! Which meant I could not wear my dress. Which meant I could not get married! Of course, they were in the laundry basket, but I only discovered that after the melt down) I can utterly promise it is all worth it though. Gosh, what a long rambly comment this has turned into! Really, just a hug to you, and remember, you are a bride, not a saint! You are allowed to feel like this! And when you have said your vows, there will be a moment when you are holding hands with your new husband, and it is as though you have been sprinkled with fairy dust…everything is just….wondeful.

  2. Thank you Alison, for showing us all these wonderful things, ideas, emotions, vulnarabilities that you have. And we have too! We just don't talk about them like you can. You can change the way you think about things to make them not so bad for yourself. You are in charge. Make things happen just by refusing to be your old self. Yes, it is easier said than done. The least you can do is give it a try. And you will see blessings after blessing unfold as you let go of your old way of thinking. And you've bought the dress! Fantastic! What a blessing that is over and you don't have to think about it again til it is time to put it on and skip down the isle!!

  3. Yes, we can choose joy! And the more we focus on choosing it, the more natural it will become for us, as our standard emotion.
    I am SO excited for you, and reading about you finding your dress…wheeee! 🙂 Time is going to fly by now!

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