Thank You Mr Plumber.

By Alison February 7, 2006 5 Comments 1 Min Read


The bedroom was so utterly toasty warm this morning I could hardly open my eyes.  And when I finally did manage to crawl out of bed I  wandered out of my room  to wake Finley and found him gone. 

Panic ensued. I imagined all kinds of toddler Houdini tricks to escape the baby gate. But saw no way through it. Or even over it.

And then a little voice came from under the bed.

Mummy are we having our muss (milk) now?

And there he was, snuggled up with a blanket and his Mummy bear, hiding from the world.

So thank you  Mr Plumber. Because of you I didn’t  hear my son getting out of bed.  Because of you my Mum  will probably be calling social services as we speak.

But I was so scrumptiously cosy…


  1. Love the pretty roses and love the pretty lace but what I love most of all is the reflection of that pretty mirror dancing on the wall above your bed!
    (18 layers on this one, Alison?)

  2. Alison says:

    18 layers? Hmm, now let me see: one mattress cover, one sheepskin cover, two sheets, one flat sheet, one duvet, one quilt, one grey blue blanket, one crochet blanket, plus four pillows at the moment each with 3 layers (pillow cover, and two pillowcases each) and two square cushions…

  3. Suzie says:

    That's 9 layers! My mattress is a double pillowtop and once I get the mattress protector and wool/silk underlay on, I can barely get the sheet on.
    Anyway, Just wanted to say, I am so coveting your mirror – I have been wanting one for so long, but simply can't justify it at the moment – they are so expensive here.

  4. Sara says:

    What a lovely room Alison. Personally I find myself coveting that portrait above your bed more than the mirror. And wondering at what a loving man your husband is to live in such a feminine room.

  5. Savannah says:

    Very warm and cozy room, Alison! I love the "feel" of the room and that mirror! Also, congratulations on the plumber job! What a difference things like that make. Have a nice week.

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