The Amazing Pegzini Family

By Alison October 21, 2014 2 Comments 1 Min Read

Pegs don’t usually float my book-shaped boat. Especially the nasty plastic kind you find in the supermarket which seem to go rusty in a domestic heartbeat.
While I have got a soft-spot for the traditional dolly peg, I am pretty sure I have never met one that made me smile. At least not in the way the Amazing Pegzini Family make me smile.
Though I cannot imagine pegging out my smalls with any of these darling little acrobatic people, I really rather fancy stringin a set of sepia photographs across my  window-pane, safe in the knowledge that these dear little Pegzini people would be happy turning my kitchen into their circus.
Adorable and just the right stocking filler for she who once dreamt of running away with the circus, but who now worships at the altar in her laundry room…


  1. Dawn Gilmore says:

    What a fun set! I have added them to my Amazon wish list, and hopefully I will find them in my stocking on Christmas morn.

  2. Katherine says:

    Those are really cute!!
    Alison~did you get my email?

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