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  1. You know I am an apron fanatic! I love to kick my shoes off tie an apron around me and just potter on in the kitchen,it is as though it is my uniform in the home! this book looks great!

  2. ahh, the sound of me typing my card number into amazon….can't wait for it to arrive!
    I somehow feel more organized in the kitchen once I have my apron on-especially if it is my Cath Kidston one!

  3. Dear Brocante Apron Lovers,
    The Apron Book is a love story to the humble yet lovely symbol of the keeper of hearth and home. It's also the most beautiful book, and the apron pattern that's included is one I know y'all will enjoy sewing and embellishing with your own precious touches. If you'd lke me to personalize your book, I'd be happy to write out a book plate and mail it to you. if this appeals, please write to me through my website,
    Love, EllynAnne

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