The Art of Lauren Mumford.

By alison February 22, 2006 7 Comments 0 Min Read


You have to see it. Laurens’ new work is so beautiful it makes me want to cry.

And my gorgeous  friend has got a blog documenting her life, work and scrumptious vintage treasures…

Read her and weep at the sheer beautiful whimsy of childhood captured in art.

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  1. ms*robyn says:

    I know what you mean about making you want to cry – it is absolutely beautifully stunning & gorgeous. you find the best stuff, Alison! I love the doll above but I can just imagine the comments some of my friends would say on that – but one really shouldn't worry about stuff like that – wish I was one of those 🙂 xoxo

  2. ms*robyn says:

    me again – actually it would be great to be able to make one from one of my own dolls using my collection of vintage millinery flowers. is that wrong to do? I never understand copyright and all that stuff.

  3. Wow! Gee! I don't know what to say. Just checking in to get the latest little tidbit of advice from The Vintage Housekeeper herself and BAM! Thanks so much Alison (and ms*robyn) how incredibly flattering. Like an award or something!
    I'd like to thank my mom and dad, my hubby, the postman…

  4. mommy22ss says:

    Wow! That is really interesting and beautiful. What a neat display. I just keep scrolling back up to look it.

  5. Nancy says:

    That one is sweet but I have to be one to admit that altered baby dolls give me the willies. There is a museum in Paris that has nothing but strange, demented altered dolls and doll parts. They had a sprinkling of items on display in one of the musees we visited and upon seeing them, it made my decision to NOT visit the other museum. I would have nightmares for a week! I think it was because they all looked wounded or evil, unlike this one which looks like a fairy tale dream. What fun to have the best of the best presented to us via this forum so I don't have to spend my time searching on my own. Thanks, Alison.

  6. Rhiannon says:

    I have to say this is a bit scarry, like my 15 year old goth art. I'll have to dig that up and sell it!

  7. kay says:

    hello, fabulous work by laura you were right! do you have hre contact details at all?

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