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  1. Oh I can't believe he is 4 already. My boy started high school this year, I refuse to believe I have a son old enough to be at High School….

  2. Were the cold sausages left by the bangers and mash man by the way……………. only asking.
    Is he still on the scene or is he ancient history !

  3. Yes Lucy went back to school today,felt free as a bird…then all at once lost! but I was ready to get back into routine, and so was my baby I think.

  4. I know just what you mean. School breaks up for 8 weeks in late December here as it will be summer holidays and a part of me can't wait! No more getting my 3 out of the door by 8.30 each morning, no more school lunches to make the night before *sigh*

  5. I always told Gerred I wanted a little boy the same age he was and one for every little boy he was a year before that. Tomorrow I would have 26 little boys… Can you believe that it is just as inconceivable that he is 26 as it is that Finley's four? Exactly the same. Love ya!

  6. In America, back when young couples went off to the west (late 1800s) at young ages, the mothers and daddies back home had to learn how to not show their feelings of pain. This must be one reason why it was such a difficult thing to say the words, "I love you" until the 70s. I can't imagine those early settler days and the pain of separation. My oldest (24) is far away in California. It may as well be overseas to me. Thank God for cell phones! I remember when she turned 4. I think I cried about that birthday more than any. Bless you, Alison.

  7. I could not agree more!!! Routine and preschool force me to get my act together. Hoo-ray for enforced schedules!

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