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    1. You could possibly be offended?? And are you, dear man, are you?? Nah, didn't think so. Rumour had it, it was you. I speak as I see..
      See ya later!

  1. Hi from Sweden, lurker here. Over-sharing? NEVER! I love your posts, and this one was hilarious, I recognized myself in alot of the situations. You really should write a book, you are gifted, in a BIG way. Love, Sara.

  2. HAHA! OMG, a hippopotamus on ice skates. That is utterly hilarious, reminiscent of those cute children's book illustrations where a hippo in ballerina shoes sachets across the page, feeling like a million bucks, and looking like a cartoon strip. Superb writing.

  3. I totally agree with the poster who said "one of your best." I was thinking the same as I finished. What fun! I wish we could get a peek at you and Richard in full ball regalia.

  4. You're on a roll Mrs, you're on a roll!! Sounds like exactly the kind of event I want to go to………..been known to set fire to fancy tables myself……but do you know what's missing??????? PICTURES!!! I would love to see how beautiful (and not remotely hippo-on-iceskates-like) you looked………. x

    1. Do you know Sasha, disgracefully we didn't take a single photograph the entire evening. Not one of us! So my big bottom will live on only in the memories of those who were there!

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