The book of Days – A Very Brocante January

By alison December 7, 2022 3 Min Read

A few years ago, I started writing a little book called The BrocanteHome Book of Days, and with your Patreon support, I created a list of 365 to-do’s that I felt added up to a life less ordinary, the BrocanteHome way.

In 2023, I am sharing those extended, but still tiny to-do’s with you, in a tickable month-by-month calendar I am issuing to all those with a subscription to the LIBRARY (find A Very Brocante January here) free of charge and to those who buy my work download-by-download over on Etsy here for $3.00 per month.

The first month I have issued is focused on setting in place the basics of Vintage Housekeeping the BrocanteHome way, in short, instructional little snippets created to have you thinking about how you live now and how you could by the end of 2023 have gently shifted that way of life towards something layered like so much tissue paper in meaning, routine, seasonal rhythm, ritual, and both domestic and authentic satisfaction.

JANUARY – Vintage Housekeeping

FEBRUARY – Routine and Ritual

MARCH – Authenticity

APRIL – Scrub

MAY – Thrift

JUNE – Puttering

JULY – Feast

AUGUST – Accomplish

SEPTEMBER – Treasure

OCTOBER – Snuggle

NOVEMBER – Entertain

DECEMBER – Celebrate

As the daily to-do’s are bite-sized, they will not overwhelm your day, and are deceptively simple in both instruction and design but will encourage you over the year, to consider all aspects of your way of life, breaking down as they do, what it is to run a house without losing yourself and to examine where it is life is slipping away from you when it could mean more to both you and yours.

I do hope you will enjoy it.

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Life can feel lovelier.x