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  1. Oh, and the last poem in the book is the best 🙂 Thank you for sharing, and I'm glad your day passed by without disaster.

  2. I love the little poem "Late". I had my eyes shut up but I could feel him smile. Makes my think of my Dad. Thanks for the lovely post. Sally

  3. I found snowdrops in my back yard and my best friend fashioned a silk arrangement to "springify" my table. Indeed, little things in an otherwise gloomy day can make you smile. You make me smile! Amanda

  4. Thank you for sharing this – I couldn't agree more. I too, look for the tiniest of treasures throughout the day which can lift my spirit even in the midst of a storm. Today in fact, my sweet husband surprised me with homemade scones, clotted cream and jam. What could be better than an unexpected treat such as that, with the man I love, during a week that has truly tried both our souls.
    The illustrations are lovely and so peaceful. A good reminder to slow down and return to some of the simpler pleasures of childhood such as reading and daydreaming.

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