The Brocante Round-Up!

By Alison November 12, 2021 No Comments 8 Min Read

In the whoosh of a string of lights, Christmas will be upon us (I do apologise: I’m not quite feeling ready yet either!) and here at BrocanteHome, I have been busy getting my elves in order, completing the Christmas Planner, organising something BRAND NEW for 2022, and making lots and lots (and lots!) of lists as I try to pop my head on straight, wrap up 2021 and plan the New Year for all of us in our lovely community!

And I do believe I’m almost there. After a year that has seen much upheaval, I have a clear vision for what you and I can accomplish for heart and home in 2022 and much more clarity on the how’s and where’s of how I will share that with you over the next twelve months.

Clarity feels amazing: so much so that I do believe I’m going to make my guiding light in the New Year…

Now shall I stop waffling and share what has been happening here on the Brocante interwebs??

First Up: New In Store!

This month all my efforts went into my glorious Christmas Planner, nut there was also a month of puttery treats available for all those not quite in the festive spirit!

1.The BrocanteHome Christmas Planner: Designed to accompany you on the road to a domestic life less ordinary, I want you to think of The Housekeeper’s Journal as a modern-day Commonplace Book – a place to note all the little somethings that crop up in your day: the recipes and websites you want to remember, the aromatherapy blend that made the house smell truly scrumptious, the funny things the kids say, that fleeting dream you woke up wanting to remember for always, and of course, all the lists you care to make! With a variety of pages for you to write, collage and sketch upon, make the Housekeeper’s Journal your own and you will over time create the loveliest record of life at home, that I hope you will come to treasure for always.

Buy it on Etsy here or Download it at Homeschool if you are a member.

2.November – A Month of Puttery Treats: With one perfect puttery treat ( a little seasonal to do for heart and home) for every day of the month, a new ritual, routine and celebration for the month of November and a worksheet to help you set count your blessings. this gorgeous BrocanteHome download is the perfect way to bless the month with tiny seasonal joys, help you stuff as many home comforts into your days as you can and truly make the most of November…

Buy it on Etsy here or Download it at Homeschool if you are a member.

For My Members.

  • This week The Life Book was re-organised into its own section, making life easier for all: particularly of you find yourself on the hunt for something in particular, need a refresher for the Morning Scan ritual or on creating your own Happy Hour or find yourself pondering how to get your life admin organised online with a Trello board just right for feeling like you could take on the world…
  • I also wrote a post explaining all the changes coming to our community in 2022 as Mighty Networks is in the process of updating its platform, so do have a read won’t you? It will help you make sense of all that is included in your HomeSchool Membership and how access will be even easier in the New Year.

Oooh and The Edited Woman is back in full swing, so do hop over and catch up won’t you?

The Brocante Bookclub

Our next bookclub meeting will happen on Wednesday 19th January and if you hop over to this post you will discover the three books I have selected for your consideration.

As usual, you have till next week to cast your vote for your choice and I will announce the winner next Wednesday 17th November, so we can all carve out time over Christmas to devour a little bookish domestic bliss..

Blog Posts You Might Have Missed

On Winterising: A charming vintage Brocante post, to guide you gently towards Winter, with a list of puttery to-dos for getting the house ready and shifting your mood towards hibernation.

Housekeeper’s Diary. On the bliss of November mornings…

And Borley Rectory: A truly charming ghost story film in the most traditional sense of the word, just right for cosy November evenings with a mulled wine taster…

And Finally Something New Is On the Way!

I have been hinting all year about a new way to work with me here at BrocanteHome, and come January 10th 2022, my Habit Coaching courses will finally go live! Habit Coaching is a gentle way to embrace and integrate all the routines I teach at HomeSchool, alongside kindly reminders and instruction to encourage you to look after yourself better in the blank canvas of a New Year, right there on your mobile phone.

The first course: The Brocante Bootcamp is now complete and will begin on January 10th 2022 (I didn’t think you would have much time to focus on anything other than gifts and trees in December!), and as it is a brand new venture, places will be very limited and priority will go to those already in my free community, so if you are interested in creating routine and ritual, sleeping and eating better come 2022, do make sure you are a part of our FREE community won’t you?

I’m so looking forward to offering personalised advice to those who truly want betterment in their way of life, so watch this space for more information, coming very soon!


Last but not least, I know a few of you love what I do here, but cannot afford, or do not want to commit to a membership, and I am frequently asked if I have an online tip jar. So now I do! Though I found everything to do with money mortifyingly embarrassing because I am so terribly English, I am of course utterly grateful for anything you care to share as tiny businesses like mine get back on their feet after the Pandemic and the costs of running a space like Brocante keeps rising.

Have a lovely week won’t you Housekeepers? As always I am so very grateful for all your support and it remains such a privilege to be able to help you create a life less ordinary the BrocanteHome way…

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